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Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

On July 14, 2015, Brian Mishler presented to our club Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh. The mission is to help low income seniors, disabled individuals, and veterans to stay in their homes, providing no-cost repairs and improvements. To date, this program has assisted over 2,000 low income homeowners with the help of over 23,000 volunteers, which total... Read More

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Lin Podolinsky Explains the Mission of Nickers & Neighs

Lin Podolinsky, Executive Director at Nickers ‘N Neighs Therapeutic Riding Center has been riding since she was a young adult. As a founder of Nickers ‘N Neighs Therapeutic Riding Center she was able to combine her passion of working with those with special needs and her love of horses. Lin has a B.A. in German... Read More

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End Hunger Cafe Presents Program

It all started with groceries being placed on Main Street one day a week for hungry folks to help themselves to what they needed.  All through the efforts of “The Way” church in Latrobe.  It has now grown into a soup kitchen the feeds 100 people a full meal, 4 nights a week for one... Read More

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Ligonier Hose Company Demonstration

Ligonier Hose Company No. 4 President Bill Stablein and Fire Chief Paul Church spoke to the club on November 15, 2011 about the history and vital mission of this organization in our community. They have currently 51 ” runners” or active volunteers who are on call around the clock to respond to fires, accidents, and... Read More

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Patrick Myers

Patrick Myers of the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center gave the Club and interesting view of the goings on lately at the camp. He began by telling of a young autistic boy who wanted to come to the camp. Never having happened before, this was an unusual request. They allow him to come and because... Read More

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John Wenzel Speaks To Rotary

John Wenzel, recently joined the Carnegie Museum of Natural History assigned as head of the Powdermill Nature Reserve. He left a17 year career as a professor at Ohio State University. He spoke to Rotary about the fame and reputation of the work of Powdermill and the developing vision for the future. The plans call for... Read More

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Mary Ann Akins-Rager

On April 5, 2011, Mary Ann Atkins-Rager, an associate with Aflac, spoke to the club about the founding and development of Aflac. It was started as a small company in 1955 and quickly grew into a large national corporation ot today. She attributes this growth to a philosophy of caring about it’s policy holders. The... Read More

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Lynn Hocker

On March 22, Lynn Hocker spoke to the club about his unique alternative energy home in Bedford county. All of the energy for the household electricity is generated on the site by solar panels, wind, and geothermal systems. He explained all the working of the systems with a slide presentation. All of the energy is... Read More

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Dan Stevens

On March 15, Dan Stevens, Westmoreland County Public Relations Coordinator, spoke to the club about the Marcellus Shale discovery. He explained the impact will have a positive impact on the economy in terms of jobs and business activity. He stated that this is the largest single discovery of gas in the world. In addition Dan... Read More

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