On July 14, 2015, Brian Mishler presented to our club Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh.

The mission is to help low income seniors, disabled individuals, and veterans to stay in their homes, providing no-cost repairs and improvements.

To date, this program has assisted over 2,000 low income homeowners with the help of over 23,000 volunteers, which total $9 million in repairs to these homes. The Pittsburgh Chapter is now one of the five largest in the country.

In addition to helping seniors, RTP helps communities: Over 90% of the homes repaired are still current on their taxes 5 years after repairs.

The group has grown to a point where we are in a position to assist other groups in becoming a Rebuilding Together Chapter, and are reaching out to those interested.

Brian is a 21 year home inspection veteran and as past president of PRO-ASHI, Brian implemented and coordinated the cooperation of the inspector volunteers.   Brian has now been on the board of RTP for 7 years; having served as pre-view inspector, house captain (overseer) and volunteer.

Brian was also instrumental in securing corporate sponsors (included but not limited to) Bayer, Duquesne Light, BNY Mellon, Giant Eagle, The Home Depot – (just to mention a few).

Thanks Brian for presenting Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh to our club. It is so nice to know that there are organizations out there helping the communities in need.

Should anyone be interested in contacting Brian further you can reach him via e-mail at Brian@homestudyinc.com.

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